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  Rules For Renters  

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Download Renter Rules as a PDF: Renter Rules.pdf


Choestoe Falls RV Park is not a Campground


All lots in Choestoe Falls RV Park are individually owned and are subject to the Choestoe Falls Homeowners Association Covenants, Rules and Regulations. Therefore, the Association’s Board of Directors has the right to terminate any rental agreement with the property owner for any violations of the following “General Rules for Renters”.


General Rules for Renters

1. Renters are limited to having three (3) pets per occupied lot. NO pit bulls are allowed in the Park. Dogs are not allowed in the pavilion and are not allowed to run free in the Park. Dogs may be walked on a leash in the Park but renters must clean up after them on lots and on the Park’s common areas. Renters are not allowed to leave dogs unattended in cages or tethered while off-site. Dogs that disturb neighboring lots through loud or continuous barking will have their rental agreement terminated.


2. Lot owners must make renters aware they are to have a vehicle capable of towing their RV, in and out of the Park. The renter, under no circumstance, can use a transport company for ingress or egress into the Park.


3. In the event renters are asked to leave the Park for violations, they must do so once requested.


4. Using an extension/power cord to obtain electricity from adjoining lot power source is prohibited except in emergency situations.


5. The sewer hose connection is the threaded pipe with the square on top that is located behind the electrical power pedestal. The other pipe located in front of the electrical power pedestal is for the emergency water shut-off valve. This pipe has a pull off dome cap. Do not connect your sewer hose to this pipe.


6. Do not park RVs so that they extend over the rear of the pad.


7. Place garbage in dumpster across from the pavilion. The dumpster is for household trash only. All boxes should be crushed or folded flat. Construction material, tree/grass trimmings, appliances (including televisions, grills, air conditioners, etc.), furniture (including chairs, tables, mattresses, etc.), hazardous materials (including paint cans, oil, fuel, batteries, insecticides, etc.) may not be placed in the dumpster. Items of any type may not be left beside or outside the Park’s dumpster.


8. Satellite dishes may be mounted on a tripod and placed in the driveway or in an inconspicuous location as possible.


9. Motorbikes, motorcycles, and scooters may not be operated on the property (except to reach your lot via the closest access from Wolfstake Road). The riding of any type of ATV is not allowed in the Park.


10. The Park Speed Limt is 15 MPH.


11. Campfires are only permitted in a proper fire ring.


12. Swimming or boating in the lake is not permitted.


13. No trash of any type is to be thrown into the Park’s lake or creeks.


14. Fishing in the Park’s lake is permitted. No fishing license is required. The only area available for fishing is located directly behind the Park’s pavilion. The dock in the lake is a maintenance dock only; no one is allowed on the dock without authorization from the Board of Directors. Fishing in the creek is not permitted at any time.


15. Grass carp caught in the lake must be released. Other types of fish may be kept or released. Properly dispose of any used or unwanted fishing line.


16. All lots are individually owned and are private property. There is no access to the lake or creeks from private lots without written permission from the lot owner. Respect owners privacy and do not trespass.


17. Obnoxious, loud or offensive activity is not allowed.


18. Laundry machines are provided only for washing clothes, linens, and small bath mats. Do not wash or dry throw rugs. Do not wash/dry any type of pet bedding or clothing.


19. Children under the age of 12 years old must be accompanied by a parent or adult guardian while in the restrooms or laundry room.


20. Quiet hours are 10:00 pm to 7:00 am.


21. Children may not drive golf carts unless they are 16 years old and have valid drivers license.


22. Repair work or any type of services will not be allowed on any motorized vehicle or RV while in the Park.


23. Smoking/vaping is not allowed in or near the pavilion area, including restrooms, laundry room, parking area and any common ground surrounding the pavilion.


24. The pavilion laundry room will be closed to owners and renters during any Park-wide social functions.


25. Renters are not allowed to hang clotheslines for any reason on rented lots. Also chairs, tables, trees or any part of an RV cannot be used as a clothesline.


26. Tents, portable screen rooms, free standing shelters or any type of e-z-ups are not permitted on rental lots.


27. Outside toilets or individual sewage or waste disposal system will not be permitted.


28. No signs, billboards, posters or advertising devices of any character are permitted on Park property or vehicles.


29. RV skirts of any type are not allowed.


30. There shall be no loose storage of any type under the recreational vehicle.


31. Loose items cannot be left unattended that may become airborne in strong winds.




Revised by the BOD 05/03/2019


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